sabato 14 maggio 2016

I piccoli musei nel Blog di Mar Dixon

"The National Small Museums Association (APM) is a non-profit association which intends to develop small museums and promote cultural management. Our association’s mission is to organize meetings, conventions and initiatives in order to highlight to visitors and institutions small museum’s reality.
Small museums are in essence different from large museums. It is not only a question of size, space and economic resources. The problem is much bigger and relates to the relationship with the local community, the location, the management, the services offered to the visitors, the role of the museum.
On the 29th and 30th of April was held the Seventh National Meeting of the APM in Monselice (Padua). This year, there were some innovations in the meeting: for the first time, an exhibition with brands which sell services for museums as gadgets, apps and other museum equipment. The other innovation was a ducati motorcycles exhibition from a partner of APM (Scuderia Ducati “bande rosse” from Rome)."

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